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New Product From First Insurance Closes Insurance Gaps During Hurricane Season


Kaela Wasnich
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HONOLULU – First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH) has launched a flexible and affordable product for Hawaii homeowners and renters this hurricane season that closes insurance gaps left by other types of coverage while simplifying claims and speeding up recovery. 

FirstTrack® provides coverage for expenses that fall below most hurricane policy deductibles, including hurricane preparation and immediate post-hurricane expenses, and does so in a way that’s different from traditional policies.

Rather than delay payments until after a lengthy claims process, FirstTrack® bases payments on two variables: Storm wind speed (as determined by the National Hurricane Center) and the proximity of the storm to the insured home. FirstTrack® pays policyholders quickly and directly after these parameters are met, covering not only property damage but the extra costs that a hurricane can bring.

For example, during Hurricane Douglas on July 26-27, Honolulu County residents with a $5,000 FirstTrack® policy limit would have received an automatic claim payment of $500, or 10%. Maui and Kauai County residents with the same policy limit would have received $1,000, or 20%, since the storm came closer to shore. Policyholders can use these payments at their own discretion.

“FirstTrack® recognizes that hurricanes are a reality for Hawaii residents,” says Jeff Grimmer, vice president of FICOH. “Whether there is a major hurricane event, or a minor hurricane brush, there are expenses associated with preparing beforehand and recovering afterwards that other insurance policies may not take into account or adequately cover.”

FirstTrack® policyholders can use claims payments to cover the high out-of-pocket costs that come with major storms, including emergency supplies, groceries, evacuation-related expenses, hurricane deductibles, debris removal, food spoilage, and lost wages.

FirstTrack® is offered exclusively by FICOH, but you do not need to be an existing FICOH customer to purchase a FirstTrack® policy. Homeowners and renters can purchase FirstTrack® coverage, which is intended to supplement – not replace – standard hurricane insurance.

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