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10 Ways To Save Money On Auto Insurance

As you shop for car insurance, be aware of factors that could impact your rates.


As you shop for car insurance, be aware of factors that could impact your rates. Have you had speeding tickets or accidents within the last three years? Where do you live? Is your type of automobile frequently stolen? While every auto insurance carrier uses a different underwriting formula, these are a few of the factors they may consider when pricing your policy. In Hawaii, marital status and age are prohibited rating factors.


Below are 10 ways you may be able to save money on your car insurance:

  1. Pay up front. Monthly installments may be easier to budget for, but they can cost more, and those incremental costs add up. Instead, choose a full pay, 2-pay or 4-payment plan.
  2. Don't let your coverage lapse. Gaps in coverage can result in higher rates. Keep your insurance current at all times, especially when you’re switching insurers.
  3. Review your coverage annually. An annual policy review ensures that the most current information is used to calculate your rates. 
  4. Trim the fat. Read your policy closely to make sure you're not paying for unnecessary coverage or services. For example, if you get roadside assistance through a separate service, don’t include it on your auto insurance plan.
  5. Limit your driving. Low annual mileage could buy you a lower rate. For example, if you only use your vehicle for leisure trips, your insurer might offer you a lower rate than if you drive your car to and from work every day. Ask your insurer what their rating factors are and consider whether that’s an option for your lifestyle.
  6. Consider a higher deductible. The deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in – usually $250, $500 or $1,000. Choosing a higher deductible decreases your monthly premium.
  7. Don’t over-insure. Don't buy more coverage than your car is really worth. Find your car’s value in the Kelley Blue Book, and ensure your insurance policy limits are appropriate.
  8. Buy a car that’s less expensive to insure. If you’re buying a new vehicle, do your homework. Cars that are safe and not frequently stolen tend to cost less to insure. Here’s a list of the top 10 least expensive cars to insure from AutoBlog.com. 
  9. Ask for discounts. Do you own a home or have professional license? Does your car have an alarm? Many insurers offer discounts for customers who qualify.
  10. Bundle it. It's generally cheaper to bundle your coverage and purchase both home and auto insurance from the same company. Bundling coverages also makes it simpler to manage your personal insurance policy by replacing multiple bills with just one.

At FICOH, there are other ways to save too, including loyalty credits, accident forgiveness, multiple-car discounts and our loss-free credit. Get a free online quote, and find out how much you can save with FICOH.