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Four Steps For Businesses To Improve Safety – And Profits

For businesses with employees and customers, a strong safety program is a must.


If you’re a business owner, risk-taking is in your DNA. But just because you’re a risk-taker doesn’t mean you want to put the safety of your employees and customers at risk. For businesses with employees and customers, a strong safety program is a must.

Now that you know why it’s important, here are four simple steps to creating, implementing, and maintaining a quality safety program to protect your employees, customers and business:

  1. Conduct an honest self-assessment of where risks and exposures are within your business and the potential consequences they could pose to your operation.
  2. Develop a plan to address these risks and exposures. When hazards are identified, remove or control them by replacing or fixing equipment, adding new safety measures or changing workplace operations. Leverage your insurance provider’s expertise.
  3. Train employees about workplace safety and how to identify hazards. Include workplace safety training as part of employee onboarding and offer refresher training on a regular basis.
  4. Periodically review and update your safety policies so they address your business’s current operational exposures.

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