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Preserve Your Apartment and Sanity with These Puppy-Proofing Techniques


You gave it a lot of thought and checked with your landlord before finally deciding there was no time like the present to take this next step in your life and get a puppy. The joy, the companionship, the cuteness factor, not to mention pups are great conversation starters – what wasn’t to love? Then 24 hours after you brought your bundle of joy home, reality set in when you learned your pup’s precious and Instagram-friendly face belied a keen instinct for quick, effective and total destruction.

Don’t lose your cool and blame your friends for not warning you. Take action with these quick and easy puppy-proofing techniques to preserve your apartment, furniture and sanity:

  • Invest in baby gates and designate a dog space, preferably one without carpeting where it’s easier to clean up messes
  • Invest in covers for your outlets (which puppies can lick) and hide wires in PVC or other type of chew-proof tube
  • Leave plenty of toys and chews while you’re away
  • Spray furniture with no-chew spray
  • Keep your kitchen clean and put away ALL food
  • Lock up cabinets with childproof latches, including those where you store cleaners and other toxic liquids
  • Secure lamps, bookshelves and decorations that your puppy can pull or knock down
  • Hide your trashcans in closets or under securely locked lids
  • Put shampoos, soap, tissues and medication out of reach or inside a cabinet or drawer
  • Safeguard shoes, slippers and clothing behind closed closet doors
  • Store ingestible items (like jewelry) in containers or drawers
  • Keep plants on a shelf or counter if possible

When coupled with obedience training and regular exercise (especially for bigger dogs), these puppy-proofing tips should get you and your apartment through the puppy phase in one piece. Good luck!