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Back to School Tips for Hawaii Drivers


With thousands of students going back to school in Hawaii this month, you can expect more cars on the road. Stay zen behind the wheel by following these tips:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time.

When you’re in a hurry, you’re more likely to get angry about minor delays – and even more upset about big ones. Give yourself a little extra time so your heart won’t beat faster when the traffic starts to slow. Use tools such as Google Maps and Waze to see estimated travel items before you leave the house. Stay up to date on planned roadwork on the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation website.

  1. Keep up your vehicle maintenance.

When you’re on your way to work or school, the last thing you want is to get stalled on the freeway. Avoid stalls by keeping your car in good condition. Regularly check your fluids, lights, brakes, and all things under your vehicle maintenance list.

  1. Don’t drive aggressively.

If other drivers always seem mad at you, your driving habits might be the problem. Avoid speeding, changing lanes frequently, cutting people off, driving too close to other vehicles, slamming on your brakes unnecessarily and other dangerous driving habits.

  1. Be careful around schools and driveways.

As the school year begins, there will be an increase in pedestrian traffic. Slow down for pedestrians in crosswalks and avoid tailing.

  1. Focus on what’s most important. 

Do you ever get mad when you’re driving? Maybe you just mutter under your breath. Or maybe you honk your horn, yell and make rude gestures. Perhaps you even take a more active approach, cutting off offenders or slamming on your brakes. Yes, the other driver is probably in the wrong, but the most important goal is that you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination. If you have kids or other loved ones in the car, you don’t want to take any chances. Take the high road and focus on what matters most.

Remember… everyone needs to be somewhere, so there’s no need to rush. No matter what’s going on around you, stay patient, courteous and safe.