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FICOH Creates Instagram Series to Teach Insurance Basics


First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH) has a new Instagram video series designed to teach insurance basics to the youngest demographic of insurance customers.

Data shows that 80% of Millennials and Gen Z customers want their insurance agents to help them understand insurance, according to a study done by Macneill Group. The study also showed that this demographic is three times more likely to worry about what-if scenarios than older generations. Recognizing this need, FICOH created two digital characters that address common insurance questions through comic-style episodes on Instagram.

FICOH associates from across the company were invited to participate in a focus group to help develop the two new characters and topics for episodes. Then, in late 2023, First Insurance introduced its Instagram followers (@firstinshi) to Poincy and Nīele.

Meet Poincy & Nīele!

First Insurance’s mascot, Poincy, is inspired by the Royal Poinciana Tree, which has been part of the company’s logo since its beginning. In his digital incarnation, Poincy sports a gray mustache and eyebrows to represent both his age and insurance wisdom. He is steady, wise, and unafraid to provide a dose of reality or hard truths.


Nīele, on the other hand, is a social, chatty, and bubbly bird who somehow knows everyone's business and doesn't mind sharing it with others. Naive about insurance, she comes to Poincy for knowledge, guidance, and safety.


Through creative storytelling, Poincy teaches Nīele about basic insurance concepts. When Nīele flies to Poincy to recount an insurance-related incident and ask for guidance, Poincy either clarifies an insurance term, corrects a misconception, or provides other helpful advice. Despite their difference in personalities, an unlikely friendship forms between the two.

With its Poincy and Nīele series, FICOH’s goal is to provide informative and entertaining digital content that makes insurance more approachable and less intimidating. Watch episodes on FICOH’s Instagram.